Essential Tips for Lead Generation Growth

Many times business vendors believe that if they build a website that generates massive traffic it will make their business succeed. But what if these users aren’t interested in the product or content, ending all up in traffic waste? The only key part that really matters, when measuring the success of website, is to encourage these users to take further action and convert them into leads.

Here are few essential tips for successful website lead generation:

  • Call Backs
  • Improve promo pages
  • Freebies
  • Measure and measure

Focused Call-to-Actions

A call-to-action (CTA) is a link or button placed on a website in order to lead a visitor to take further action.

Typically, in inbound marketing, a visitor is brought to a promo page where he/her can fill out a form and instantly become a lead.

Although CTA elements can be positioned anywhere on your website, it’s quite important to do it right and be focused on persuading users to take the next step.

  • Make CTA stand out with bold visibility differentiating it from straight in-your-face visual backgrounds and popups.
  • Use persuasive button text that grabs attention right away.
  • Add urgency to your CTA by using words like ‘now’ and ‘today’ to nudge users to act now before they miss out.
  • Keep your CTA simple and easy to find by focusing on just one action that helps drive the user to convert into a lead without any distractions.

Improve Promo Pages

Promotional (Landing) pages are a vital part in any inbound marketing strategy as they go hand-in-hand with conversions. Businesses that use higher number of landing pages experience 55% increase in lead generation. Keeping that in mind, landing page optimization is always considered as one of the biggest challenges that a business marketer should follow for more clicks and more conversions every next day.

  • Instead of using multiple offers that puzzle the user, focus on one goal to keep them in the right conversion path.
  • Keep the headlines bold and tiny to get user’s response straightaway.
  • Use emotional images that highlight your selling points to make users take further action. Always ensure that all images are related to the page content without misleading the audience.
  • Page loading time matters. Slow loading on your promo page can drastically affect your conversion rates considering that nearly half of web users expect a site to load within 2 seconds or less otherwise they will abandon the site within 3 seconds. Improving your page speed will not only increase your conversion rate but will also help to improve your SEO in general.
  • Form placement also plays a major role, since visibility and practicability are two main elements when it comes to landing page conversion. Use optimized lead forms. The sole purpose of a landing page is to capture a user’s contact detail, and that’s impossible to do without a form. Ensure that your form is placed in a clear, visible section on your promo page. Also, users are keener to provide their email address instead of their contact phone number.
  • A/B Testing; Testing your promo pages is the most important step to improve your conversion rates. A/B Testing technique allows you to examine numerous landing page layouts and content to detect which works best for your goal audience. In fact a landing page conversion rate can be increased by up to 300% only if the right tools are used.
  • Keep your promo pages responsive. It is essential to optimize pages even on mobile devices to guarantee that a lead won’t miss out because of large content or bad page layout.

Consider Offering Freebies

Nowadays, users on the web seek to get something in return of their visiting time. You can’t even purchase a magazine without receiving something for free. Always consider to offer things with value to your audience to tempt them so they fill out a form and become a lead:

  • Free demo trial to allow users to register in order to try your product before they buy it.
  • Free downloads offers like E-BooksVideo tutorials or Podcasts.
  • Limited time sign-up deals to offer a buying enticement if they buy now rather than later.
  • Webinars or promotional event sign-up. Pick a topic that will be valuable and informative to your target audience, and then run your own seminar to be presented online, or organize a promotional event that your audience can attend only if they complete your online form.

Measure, Test, Measure

The most important part of Lead Generation is collecting data and testing further. Constantly measuring your performance helps to track progress and define what metrics need to be tweaked to produce a better campaign and therefore improve your conversion rates.

If you’re looking forward to improve your lead generation funnel or find out how we can help with your next project, get in touch with our marketing experts.

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